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Someone wrote an article about my Castle in the Sky hack just after it was released, praising it as "an impressive feat" of creativity. You can find the article here:

- This is a playlist made for a full playthrough of my Castle in the Sky hack. The descriptions are wrong (though Muska being called Adolf Hitler and the former Hammer Bros. being called Cigarette Bros. instead of soldiers makes me laugh), but the videos themselves are indicative of the love I put into my work.

- This is a video covering a slightly older version of my Porco Rosso hack (with a different title screen and weapon select screen), but the gameplay is representative of what my hack is like. (NOTE: the narration for this video is in Spanish)

- In this video, someone took the time to play my Porco Rosso hack on original hardware (with a CRT TV and everything!).

- My hack was featured in this video and praised as the best of the hacks based on Among Us!

- A Twitch Streamer decided to take a few hours and play my Mega Man Arkanoid hack one night (NOTE: The stream is in Spanish).