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Castle in the Sky

This hack allows the player to control Pazu as he journeys through the mysterious world of Laputa to rescue Sheeta and the pirates from the evil hands of Muska. Based on the incredible animated movie from Studio Ghibli, this hack takes place entirely on the floating castle itself. You can run through the castle gardens, its walls, its massive forest, and the weaponized underbelly itself to defeat all of Muska’s minions and save your friends.

Based off of the original Super Mario Brothers for the NES, almost every graphic has been changed to fit the Castle in the Sky aesthetic and incorporate its wide array of varied enemies.

This hack even comes with two different versions: one for a single player experience and one that allows you to play with a friend simultaneously! Castle in the Sky Co-Op allows a second player to play as Pa"two" and help Pazu on his quest to save his friends. Find a friend to play along and defeat the evil Muska together!

Porco Rosso

This hack is set after Porco and Curtis’ dogfight in one of Studio Ghibli’s most underrated films, where Porco is now faced with outflying the Italian Air Force, the still bitter pirates, and some hired thugs and mercenaries in order to keep Gina and Fio safe while also ensuring his own continued freedom. He must also face additional opposition from the sea, as the fascist powers of Italy have sent their Navy to prevent Porco from escaping the Mediterranean. With Curtis’ help, Porco must shoot down as many enemy fighters as he can to escape his newfound peril in what might be the most dangerous battle of his life. In order to do so, he must also find and eliminate some of the enemy’s top brass lurking in commandeered civilian leisure planes on the outskirts of the battle, waiting to watch his defeat. Help Porco save the ones he loves and obtain the life he always wanted without his curse…

Based off of the NES port of 1943 - the Battle of Midway, almost every graphic has been changed to reflect the wondeful world of air and sea from the movie, as well as incorporating several planes from the film as both enemies and obstacles in Porco's path.

The Secret World of Arrietty

The world of the Borrowers is a harrowing one, having to scramble for supplies and survival amidst the dangers of human “beans” and vicious animals. But Arrietty’s family is very close because of their adversity, so when Arrietty’s mom, Homily, is kidnapped by the sinister housekeeper Hara, Arrietty vows to save her mother at all costs. Arrietty must make use of her Yellow Thumbpin weapon to defeat dangerous insects in order to climb structures and rescue her mother in this hack. But the player must be careful not to be caught by Ms. Hara’s jars as she throws them down to add Arrietty to her collection!

Based off of the NES port of Donkey Kong, this hack modifies every graphic to make the player feel like they are climbing through the walls and through the kitchen of the old house in the movie.

Grave of the Fireflies

World War 2 was devastating to those on both sides, and this is clearly evident to Seita and Setsuko, two Japanese children struggling to survive in the midst of the war. In this hack, Setsuko has gotten lost in the forests of Japan and Seita must travel through the dangerous Japanese landscape to reunite with the only true family he has left. He needs to make use of his umbrella and stone weapons to take out the vicious animal population, as well as defend himself from angry adults out to keep him from saving his sister. He must also be aware of American bombing runs and the falling firebombs that plague his every waking moment. Can you help Seita and Setsuko achieve the happy ending they’ve looked forward to their entire life?

Based off of Adventure Island for NES, this hack modifies a lot of graphics to make the player feel like they are traversing the Japanese landscape and fighting for survival.