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Mega Man Arkanoid

This hack changes every single level (excluding the occasional boss fight) in Arkanoid - Doh It Again on the SNES to a level featuring a character from the classic Mega Man series. Almost every single classic Mega Man game is represented in some way (excluding 11 and some very obscure titles), with main characters, prominent villains, famous enemies and bosses, and loads of robot masters for players to destroy block by block! Play through every level to get a few surprises at the end in the form of cameo appearances by other popular Mega Man characters.

This hack was created using the extremely helpful and easy-to-use ArkanEdit program, without it, this passion project would not have been able to exist.

Among Us

It’s safe to say the player's chances of getting Imposter in this hack are 100%! In this hack, players will need to dodge the crewmates in various locations around The Skeld in order to avoid being ejected and surviving to win the round! This hack takes place in a wide array of areas inside the spaceship, including Cafeteria, Reactor, Electrical, Security, Medbay, Weapons, Navigation, Upper Engine, and finally Cafeteria again! Players can also pick up helpful items for more points, like various hats and pets along the way. Don’t forget to use the vents on the sides of the map and collect the Kill Buttons to turn the Crewmates into vulnerable dead bodies (complete with cartoonish bone sticking out of the center). And not only do players have the chance to play as the Imposter, they can grab a friend to play with them and form an unbreakable sinister team of Two Imposters as both of them play at the same time to thwart the Crewmate’s tasks! Hop into this hack for several rounds and see what danger the wonders of space has to offer…

Based off of the NES port of Mrs. Pac-Man (created by Tengen), this hack changes all of the character and item graphics (as well as each of the levels' color schemes) to match the atmosphere of teh most popular map in Among Us.